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Some Are Born To Sweet Delight, Some Are Born To Endless Night

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The Mothman to my Ozymandias.


My Journal Is NOT Kid-Friendly....just so everyone knows. *Continues*

If anyone would like to message me through MSN, go right ahead, I love talking!

Overall pairings I enjoy (In no particular order): Sylar/Mohinder from Heroes, Peter/Nathan from Heroes, Axel/Roxas from KHII, Mark/Eduardo from The Social Network, Sam/Dean and Dean/Castiel from Supernatural, House/Wilson from House, Beecher/Keller and Alvarez/Mukada from Oz, Jack/Ianto and John/Ianto from Torchwood, Harry/Peter from Spiderman, Bobby/John or Iceman/Pyro from X-Men (Movieverse), Connor/Murphy from The Boondock Saints, and Sirius/Remus from HP. ^_^ (I'm probably missing some..in fact I know I am, I'm a very obsessive person) As for femme slash, I enjoy Elle/Claire from Heroes, the Kill Bill variety, Xena/Gabrielle from Xena (obviously), Cybil and Rose from the Silent Hill movie, Idgie/Ruth from Fried Green Tomatoes, and Hahn/Cristina from Grey's Anatomy. Oh, and just as a note..T-Bag from Prison Break is amazing as well...^_^

I also adore animated films, namely The Lion King (Favorite character Scar by far, I used to be obsessed..). I also love Anastasia, for more complex reasons. I could name the rest of the movies I love as well, but I'm afraid it'd take too long.

Shows I Have Seen (The ones that I remember at this moment in time...):
-Xena: Warrior Princess
-Joan Of Arcadia
-Tru Calling
-The O.C. (Only a few seasons, once it started to get dumb, I quit.)
-Boston Legal
-Torchwood (S1 & S2.. Fuck CoE...)
-House (I stopped watching some time back.)
-Cold Case
- White Collar (S1 only for now)

Movie Fandoms:
- The Social Network
- Star Wars
- Blade Series

Random cool TV/Movie quotes:
"You Gotta Go Be Gay For That Poor Intern. You Gotta Send Him Into The Light!" --Supernatural
"Gay Love Can Pierce Through The Veil Of Death And Save The Day." --Supernatural
"All Men Are Created Equal. No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can Never Erase Those Words!" -- Milk

Some Odd Random Facts About Me (Will probably add to once in a while, when I think of something):
-I'm addicted to chapstick
-My favorite books are "The Silver Wolf" by Alice Borchardt (R.I.P), "The Sight" And "Firebringer" by David Clements-Davies as well as the Vampire Chronicles by the gateway drug to slash, Anne Rice. (Her new, Christian self must be so proud... ><)
-I absolutely adore dancing. I don't do it myself, because I don't know how, but watching really good dancing is amazing.
-I have an affinity with The Romanov's, the last ruling family of Russia. Mostly with the Tsar Nicholas II and his family.
-I first became addicted to the internet through rping.
-I'm very confrontational and love to debate (But I rarely ever back down..)
-The two best feelings in the world are being right and the freedom one has after finishing something stressful
-My favorite character from the Lord Of The Rings is Faramir
-I despise rap unless I associate it with good dancing or something else
-My favorite oldies song is "Runaway" by Del Shannon
-I hate Monkeys
-I love mythology of all kinds.

The Most Beautiful Love Story:
Cooper and Jimmy from episode "Forever Blue" from Cold Case

"We're the lucky ones, Jimmy." --Cooper
-Watch this show if you can! It's excellent

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